D-TrailTrack is a modern highly customizable on-line GPS tracking system developed by MB Dukubu. It is used to track freight and other transport (trucks, trailers, locomotives, wagoncars, farming vehicles, personal vehicles, etc.), as well as personal belongings and animals.
- industrial and non-industrial versions;
- on-board battery for up to 7 days in no power or power-down operations;
- USB charging (non-industrial version);
- internal/external GPS antenna;
- works within European GSM networks with standard SIM cards;
- GPSGate.com platform for on/off-line objects on Google or Open Street maps;
- power-on: coordinates every X s (customizable), power-down: coordinates every 3600 s;
- statistics: distance and position (km and coordinates in time), speed (km/h), battery voltage (%), idle-times;
- report tables;
- user-password protection.

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